Passenger Railroad info:

includes Amtrak schedules, fares, and a conection to a list that includes links to the web sites of virtually all passenger railroads in the US.

INCREDIBLE Amtrak discounts to selected cities
Go here then click on Rail SALE online discounts

Amtrak station addresses (my list)

Amtrak's Schedules (Not sure if this is still active)

NARP's extensive list to American Rail related entities: transit companies, railfan sites, railroad related organizations, etc
Click on resources, then "Links", then Links to other websites related to passenger rail, then service providers

Information about transit agencies across the USA, includes links to agency's web sites

Hedberg Maps, publishes a single map of every transit system in the Northeast

Subways around the world

California rr stations, facilities, photos, and amenities:

Portland, WA Transit

Israel Railways

A site dedicated to promoting rail transit

Promoting rail corridors

Transit details for subway systems

Freight Railroad sites:

Railfan related sites:

Rail Cams on this site, and links to MANY railfan and otherwise rail related resources on the web.

Another Railfan site, many aspects of Railroading, focus on Texas area

See 4 busy rail lines in Japan that are very active.
The camera can be controlled via the web, so you
may or may not see the tracks when you visit. If
not, click on the cam icon and pan around a bit.

Conrail's Dispatching center

Militant railfan page

Railfan Hotspots and Railfan Guides:

Supposedly has over 1800 railfan locations in North America

Railfan locations in the Albany area and several others scattered throughout the United States, click on "Railfan hotspots"

New York City area railfan hotspots

Wisconsin Central hotspots

Norfolk Southern railfan hotspots section to be added soon, hopefully

Alabama trainwatching spots

Durand Michigan

Gibbon, Nebraska

North Platte, Bailey yard

Pueblo, Colorado

Kmart's web page, search for a city that has a K-mart and it will bring up a map of the area, including rail lines.  Then scroll the map to the area you are interested in

Searching on for railfan hotspots finds more railfan hotspot lists, but most appear to cover limited areas.

Railfan Guides focusing on specific regions:

A railfan's web page, guide to Southern Ontario

California Railfan site

Niagara Railways website
Includes maps of places in the Niagara region

Northern Ohio Railfan site

Houston area Railfan site
our kid website is

Eastern Pennsylvania Rail Page

Gar Condon's Boston and Albany page

Railfan site for Chicago

Buffalo NY area railfan pictures

Official NYS&W T&HS homepage, (New York, Susquehana & Western T? and Historical Society?  (I think)

Rochester area Railfan Page

Railfan info for western Indiana and eastern Illinois

Railfan Hotels, Motels, etc:
Railfan site listing hotels next to rr tracks...

The following list shows motels located directly on rail lines with a view of the tracks from the rooms.

Motel near Pittsburg, Fallston, PA

Getting to places to go for a hike by public transportation.

Web rail radio scanner broadcasts:

Railroad Webcams:

You'll find links to over 50 US railroad webcams at

Click on Webcams at

The willis webcam, Don't know what railroad this is!>

Generally fun stuff related to Railroads:

Amtrek means travel excitement!

Railfan Idiot Page (Mark Wurst)

Railroad cartoons

Railroad Smiley page (as of May 2000)

Detector page

Trains Trains Trains!

A Fun trains page

A javascript train layout program

Entertainment Murder Mystery in different settings, including trains.

Hobby stores, videos, things to buy:
Claims to be the biggest Railroad Hobby store.  Has an impressive page of links to Model and other RR gear.

Railroad videos:

Big EEE Productions

Revelation Audio-Visuals

Lots of Videos of trains on

Amtrak wreck in Chicago video

Railfan related publications:
Trains magazine web site, Kalmbach publishing

Railway Age magazine, focused on the railroad industry

Look up site for 
Railfan & Railroad
Rail Pace
Passenger Train Journal

Railroad related e-mail lists:
Nationwide railfan stuff.  Up to 30 messages a day (or more), mostly not useful, but the few that are make it worth it.
Send a message to
With this command in the body of the message
Subscribe railroad

GCDRA E-mail list
To subscribe from this list, go to the ONElist web site, at, search for GCDRA

Send an email item with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject,
to the appropriate address listed below

Circa 1950's Canadiana Modelers List <>
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Circa 1950's Americana Modelers List <>
Circa 1950's Americana Modelers Digest <>
Frisco Modelers Information Group List 
Frisco Modelers Information Group Digest 
Railroad Passenger Car List 
Railroad Passenger Car Digest 
Railnet Railfan List 
Railnet Railfan Digest 
Railroadiana List 
Railroadiana Digest 
S Gauge and American Flyer Trains List 
S Gauge and American Flyer Trains Digest 

Erie Lackawana
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Railroad Societies and Organizations:
National Association of Railroad Passengers

Operation Lifesaver
if you cant get them at
go to and link to operation lifesafer

Rails to Trails

Model RR layout at RPI in Albany

Largest Model Train layout in the world?
It is Northlandz on Route 202 just north of Flemington.

The Conrail Technical Society is happy to announce the opening of their new World Wide Web site at

The Louisville and Nashville Railroad Historical Society announces the opening of their new Web site at

Iron Horse Enterprises, operator of C & O 614 steam engine.
Web page for the Engine itself <-- They even have an e-mail newsletter!

NYC Subway historical info page
Links to historical information about other transit systems

Not sure who's address this is, but he might have something to do with railroads
I believe he makes fancy maps with railroads on them that are designed to show the railroads with good detail of surrounding features

Personal RR web pages:

Geno Dailey, a railfan, have more "railfan if" things

A railfan from Cleveland area personal home page

Matt Donnelly from the Syracuse, NY area, fanatical about Amtraks GP40TC's <-- Newer page

Other rail related sites:

Rail accident sistes:


Casey Jones

Germany: Eschede


New York Subway

Russian Subway


US and international Articles


RR Crossing info:

Highway Crossing

FRA web site, contains a crossing safety calculator to determine if trains don't need to blow horns

Included is the weblink to a company that produces , what I feel are very safe, RR grade crossing equipment.

RR Crossing Stats by Individual Location

Clickable Map for Crossing Stats
(cross check data at above link - this site known to have some errors.)

Tourist trains/railroads:
Luxury train, click on Schedules to see when and where this train is traveling.

Canadian Maritimes area, Montreal east and south

Upper Hudson River RR


Trolley line web page database

A few years back, people on the "trolley" list started coming up with all the ones they could think of, and Alex Postpischil put the results together on the www at

Let your trolley-fan friends know about our meeting place.
Tell them they can board TROLLEYSca at this stop

Trolley Pictures of NJ

Software and Computer RR stuff:

Railroad screen savers, and likely other RR software

US RR Mapper program
Please read both pages carefully before attempting to download it so you are
not expecting something it is not.
Go to to this page and follow the links

RR CAD software

Computer Fonts

CTC railroad dispatching simulator
Another web site for the dispatching program with "territories"

Other rail related sites:
Cog railway page

Railroad definitions

Live Steam nationwide

Adirondack Live Steamers
Nationwide listing of Live Steamers

New Jersey Live Steamers web site

Model RR club in NJ

Public television very geared to Railroads

North American Railroad Terminal

Railroad News from the east

Railroad Technology page

CSX Freight train schedules

Central California Rails:
Sacramento Central RR:
International Railfair:

Historic Railroad Maps

Greenberg's Great Train and Collectible Toy Show

RR Emergency Numbers

Polish trains

Trains in history

FRISCO PAPERS. St. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco Railroad) papers
relating to employment with the railroad from 1895 to World War
II. These papers were intercepted on their way to a Missouri
landfill in the 1970s when the railroad changed recordkeeping.
Over 400 names......

NYC old map... haven't looked at yet (from BNE9)

RR Emergency Numbers

New York State RR's

Copper Canyon train in Mexico